Chess Moves

by Plainspoke

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Weirdos 03:21
Calling out a may day, just a way to ask for help We're all in for the heydey, hope the payday goes to hell, And for the fading light in this 8am fight club, I'll be up all night, I made the latest from the die cuts Gaze at the brightness, the stars that burn the brightest be the parts that break apart, I feed the art, you eat it's likeness, I dig hard into the deep end, been peeping in it's eyelids, they not sleeping, just seeking out the dreams that we design and then I Pay to see the gates, they shining passively, running down my patience, ain't a statement shaded gratefully, the cradle holds the graves of those that pace around their places noting bravery, afraid to spin the tables, day to day, it changes A to Z This alphabet I helped finesse, to second guess a place for me, the bells and whistle call collect, except when I sit patiently His tells are only second best, I check in chess, but c'est la vie The shells he walks a pessimist, I'm fessing it to say the least Hook We’re all of the weirdos, all are the weirdos, all of the weirdos, look in at the people They’re all of the weirdos, all are the weirdos, all of the weirdos, look in at the people x2 V2 Street lights swinging in the wind, meet my enemies, they're fickle with my friends, she's five percent of me, a centerpiece of pin and needle pedigree, depend on me for picking out your pins to push ahead of these, Evicted on a whim, I'm sick of this hit, burn an effigy Flicking both my wrists, if I cut, you open sesame Picture fever pitching, I will split the costs of rhetoric Efficient ain't my business, I make systems looking effortless The plug for your outlet, stepping doubtless into entropy, the fun thing about it, running foul without ascendency The son setting up the down, intelligent or menacing No clouds to block us out, we're both the pen and then the sentencing So box me out, just fucking with the energy, allowed a filler, here and now, to chuck it with the Benedicts A tune to fit the crowd, to help them bicker with dependency, assuming we get out to speak the truth and know definitely
v1 now I’ve been banking on the confidence, not lacking that no more I’ve been shading my metropolis, this super suit’s too short cuz if I can’t fly to the roof, who am I to prove in opposites, talk all legit with big boots which one fits mine when they file and cop a sit, it’s fun for the nigh like I might choose this straight volition, ace to bishop, making moves, not afraid to listen brace your boots, better pray for business, let me play with you, hope they shaving with it got the grain up to, make the grade prolific, stay safe in a room that I paid to witness trade days in the booth for the pay that’ll prove that I gave away what a label isn’t Hook I’m on top as of late, trying to make it a policy proper to say that I believe in dropping prodigy lotta names got property, I've confidence in my credits you got to see the pieces, making moves in mediocrity v2 At the end of my line, tether the mind, body the vessel, the pressure is fine, if I lead, I guess I’ll be stepping in kind, folly a freckle, the bottle is Prine’s with death comes a chisel and I lie supine, cover a pillow in my face opined mellow bedfellows, hear cello declined, I credit the kettle for killing my rhymes filler stilettos, you feeling the signs, the fickler settle for pictures of time professional petals are picking the guys, confession dishevels my picketing guise Turn a rock into pebbles, I’m checking the levels, making a meadow I visit to cry Fit all the hellos, and telling the shadows, I said all I said, they live and they die Hook I’m on top as of late, trying to make it a policy proper to say that I believe in dropping prodigy lotta names got property, I've confidence in my credits you got to see the pieces, making moves in mediocrity v3 Spending my week, writing in keys, standing by chiefs, all of em cheap, half into bitching, just passing the minutes, I man a decision, a pinch of my cheese, Similarly I've been leading the pieces, come in the back, I'm punching the ceiling, trumping the facts, chucking the meaning, I'm running the math, nobody believes it, Shun em and laugh, a serial genius, cut em in half to fell a machinist, shut up at last, I'm tired of reading, running a lap in a manner of speaking, manning my scenes, I'm dreaming the scenic, a fan, a good seat, when you cover the secrets, I stand by the sea cuz I never had seen it, sand at my feet, it’s rather deceiving
Honest 03:04
Let me take you on a trip, bleeding heart or plead the fifth, I need my art to heal, with the heels in the shit, pulling wheels off of blocks, your flow is kindergarten, this is in the garden, get your hoes and pull the roses, ode the spit to market flowing this as sick as Arkyn, mark ‘em with the green shit home again in colorado, California grievance oceans here tomorrow, read a post, supposed to feed it faux diseases, pick a sorrow, solo all the Egypts I’m Desoto with the cartograph, the brains of a genius show them pictures, all the maps, to point and stick a penis Been seen with the misfits, rap is full of fictions in the meaning We need more assistance, out of order stickers state a credence Not assorted even, show those filler buildings on the plat, check the board if beaten, hold my jealousy if I come back kept on guessing till we cheating, wrote ‘em letters, still a sap best them on the precipices, stepping on the present path Hook I want to be wanted, but I gotta to be honest, (honest) x4 v2 I know deep down, I’m gonna reach the summit, bullets on the ground, one to wonder where the gun is, I’ll be found underneath this hole not fitting in the function, come to me to look around, it’s fun to meet the old assumption What you figure is a master, got this ceremony punching past the figures and the stature, want to share a moment’s gumption Barrel full of sticky rappers, lemme stand out or something Feral souls, a tricky passage, imma serenade the compass Put the map up to my eye, got this version looking luscious if an apple in disguise, the passing kind has done it justice trap examples in my mind, tap the letters of fortune's fusses tackle my demise, then I settle with my conscience dusted fans in the ceiling, batting eyes, pass the cut of mustard a hand shaken is revealing fake facts on filibusters Got my tatts dealing, more day passes than the cuss words Compared to last season, I’m up here, you’ve just done cupboards
Human 02:46
I play the game of competitive parking, let the haters lay they heads where the ledgers the largest say the latest on my chest, I make confessions unguarded, layer lessons in the text, kept you checking the market hate to bear the bad news, thieves are daily on trading, placing faith on tattoos where lacerations are safest keeping aces up my sleeve, fit the pieces with patience, I feed you basic friendships, let ‘em sink in the cases I read the A-B, disease is a comparitive test, afraid of saline, never learned to swim in the cess, I breathe the bay leaves, fickle with the haze in my head, heed the failings, trickle down's the way I percept, appreciating, only hastened by the dreams that I get, Of recent bases I've been taking, face a nascent abyss I walk the edge and roll my eyes up in my head, know my shit, flow alleged on this side of focus, shaking my kicks Hook Looking for a brain, looking for the beauty Looking for the same old pictures I've been choosing If it didn't say, put away what you been using If I didn't say, run away, and come back human If I digressed for a minute, I digest all the spinach, Bout to Pop eyes, dropping spot price on a whim and I've been seven nights, up just making music for the second life, age old for confusion, able choosing models, check inside I'm looking for a hue, subbing shades for the truth, wrote a whole philosophy, she talking me down to the roots, hope the ruin fits the prophecy, the prophet in his shoes, running this whole chicken pocracy, the spots demarque the feud, Boss in, defeat them properly, then pop a leader too, faucet drip repeat monotony, then stop and see the suits, pause to peek within the properties, monopolies to boot, got these four fickle opposites, depositing in twos, A pot to piss in, bode apocalypse, folding pocket proofs, tonight I'm living photo ography, the commonly obtuse, fossils spitting out they karma, dropping commas on the roof, lotta giving out my nombres, me llama's making moves
v1 tell me how to feel, spoke a prophecy, not loquacious yet I'm Socrates, won't talk a peep unless you boxing me, won't fight for the seat, fickle opposites, pick a job, I'll be top, finna pop the chief, talking flow like the water got McDonald'sy, better solo, never feat cold, dope prose, picking proto-, watching my toes, never show those Odds are the hole in the rowboat, never learned to float, so I tread like the wheel on a moto, bed on the flo', walking peds on the local, pez in my throat, wanna bet on a hobo, five cents guess, just stepping on a photo, a family, a death in the tambourine showboat, band of the dead, too grateful to go though, hand to the head, Imma fuck with the goal post Ghosts in my set, figure eights did a slow roll, boasting his best from a decade of slow-mo, motion a head lock, the coasts are the focal, bro's out of wedlock, busted a BOGO, chose my own shellac, spose to be loco, midi in the red rock, rusted the bit gold broke if I spend lots, broke if I don’t though, grow with the sabotage, hoping my bones broke Choke on the globe, wallow in the head shots, poking the lows with a stick, know a crevasse Oceans are thick with the thieves of your pet rock, show up, take a hit, feel the holes dripping red drops, Blow up, just a bit, I implode and take the bets off, grow up, make a fist, I don't know if we get lost Roll and take a risk, edifices looking jealous, sold on the gist, judging minutes on the dead gods Hook Sleeping with an atlas / planning deets, and plotting schemes / Reaping what you have been / solving static on a screen / would you believe how many took a stab into our faculties, Sheets of paper addicts, weaving stacks into the tapestries And could you repeat every word left unsaid to me sheets of paper addicts, sealing off your destiny v2 invite them in, they're familiar strangers, odysseys that'll fill the pages, out at sea, but I live in the pavement, follow me to the similar faces, not in my palm, withholding a statement, a shot in the dark, the moon is evasive, driving a car in a box in the basement, want to be guarded, but want you embracing Want to be heartless, cold as the hatred, want to be hearted and holding you naked, part of the artists and one of the makers, I bottle the boredom and store it for ages, stowing my largess in front of the neighbors, a solid assortment of shuffling papers watching him Roger, they fit in the cages, polish importance for metaphor majors, out of this orbit, building my cases, up or below, I believe in good places Took in an oath, a promise replaces, the comma is close, the comment is sacred Cutting it so, forgetting the patience, saying hello, just note an occasion Aiding them slow, master the pacing, shade in the goal, a facet is changing Say when we go, the last are the faithless, saving the gold, to plaster the phases, Tracing gallows, hustling daily, hazards are honed, erupting a fraidy Cat in the Combs, answer to failings, having the dough, if they have it they ain't me, Travel alone, habit will save me, tapping the phone, to rap is attaining
Headlights 03:19
v1 I’m making music, my muses speak in rubick’s cubes, puzzles for Confucius, I’m the hugest that is under shoes Trumping up my hugeness, flipping fuses in a hundred hues, asking who’s a shoe-in, I’mma fit in it, a common suit Gotta chase a goose, the ruses obvy’ know a better route This hobby got me through, it’s up a ladder, down a pair of chutes Living in a paradise, someone there has got to lose Serenade the stabbing knife, I’m back in by the end of you Checking in, I’m living by a thread, just holding half a truth Told them twenty seven ways to pass around an attitude Emotions in the everglades, better late than never knew Reckon when I’m older, I’ll be opening forever too This an ode to the art, I choke on every old pursuit Played all the parts, I’m getting bold and making moves Facing the dart, I lay my arms along the loose line around the darkness, looking heartless when I choose hook I, look ahead, look ahead, see the headlights coming in, coming in, hold my head like holding in, holding in, all my ad-vice noticing our reflections up ahead, I, look ahead, look ahead, see the headlights coming in, coming in, hold my head like holding in, holding in, all my ad-vice noticing our reflections in the headlights v2 All I ever wanted was a magnum, an opus, a gun for the hum-drum, the life of the hopeless, father had a hunch, he was living for the office, followed by the sun, set the scene of the soap dish padowan of much, never formulate a focus, a winner in the rush, when the winter is the coldest when the shimmer in the rust is the glitter in the gold and they been chiseling a bust out of simmering a moment I can shimmy a diploma, keep the cold out, looking for a stomach that can take it from an old owl, looking for the coming-up, yet they ain’t even come enough, steady with the play, all the work has got me gumming up working for a hundred bucks, living by a paycheck thinking that you’re one of us, while sitting at the apex I don’t want to run amok, struggling to say yes same man that I ever was, they don’t want to play chess


released January 26, 2018

Lyrics by Plainspoke. Production by Beatowski, except track 2, production by Syndrome.


all rights reserved



Plainspoke Denver, Colorado

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